Are Economy Plus Seats Worth It? Here’s How To Decide

In their never-ending quest to maximize profits, airlines constantly look for ways to cut corners and charge their customers more. One way is to invent new classes of seating, for example, United Airlines Economy Plus, and charge customers for services that used to be included in a coach seat. But are Economy Plus seats worth it?

If you are spending your own money, United Economy Plus and its equivalents from other airlines are not worth the additional cost. And even if the price is not an issue for you, you should not buy those seats.

This article will explore the differences between United Airlines Economy and Economy Plus seats to help potential customers decide whether or not the seats are worth the additional expense. Later it will explain why airlines have invented so many new classes in the last decade.

Economy vs. Economy Plus

There were only three classes of airline seats in recent memory:

  • First-class for the rich.

  • Business-class for the manager class.

  • Coach for everyone else.

But in the early years of the 21st century, things started to change. To offset the ever-increasing cost of jet fuel and executive compensation, airlines started looking for ways to charge more money.

There are not many differences between the United Economy and Economy Plus. Let’s take a closer look at the differences right now.


Economy Plus passengers may get to board the plane earlier than economy or basic economy passengers. Whether or not you get priority boarding depends on how full the flight is, and the route, and frankly whether or not the gate agents bother to announce it.

Seat Location

United Airlines has divided up their economy section into three subsections: