Are Honeymoon Packages Worth It? 9 Things To Know

Just about everyone dreams of their “perfect” wedding day. Some get more excited about the honeymoon. Yet, for some, there is a question as to whether a honeymoon package is worth it.

Honeymoon packages are worth it because they can help newlyweds save extra money, stay within budget, and offer multiple opportunities for trying new activities. However, honeymoon packages might not be worth it if a spouse is a homebody who doesn’t enjoy visiting travel attractions.

Keep reading as I discuss honeymoon packages and if they’re worth it. I’ll also share other methods you can consider for planning your honeymoon.

Is It Worth Getting a Honeymoon Package?

Most people understand what honeymoons are and are a great way to bond with a significant other after a wedding. Yet, those considering a honeymoon package might not be entirely sure if it is worth it.

It is worth getting a honeymoon package if you enjoy bonding with your significant other after your wedding. Wedding packages can be expensive, but thankfully, various packages to suit different budgets are widely available. Typically, hotels and resorts offer honeymoon packages.

Some deals in a honeymoon package might include:

  • Dining options
  • Complimentary activities
  • Honeymoon upgrades
  • Lovely goodies (i.e., a bottle of wine or champagne)

Due to honeymoon packages offering eye-catching accommodations, many couples opt-in for a honeymoon package at their desired location.

What You Should Know About Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon planning can be stressful, so to ensure the honeymoon is relaxing, there are some things to think about when considering honeymoon packages. These options carry both pros and cons that greatly affect your decision.

Here are some things you should know:

1. Honeymoon Packages Help You Save Money

Honeymoon planning can be just as stressful as planning a wedding. However, honeymoon packages might be worth all the trouble.

Instead of agonizing over the separate prices for activities and a hotel, newlyweds can protect themselves from the overwhelming expenses.

Honeymoon packages typically offer savings on hotel/resort booking prices, dining, and even complimentary activities like snorkeling that would usually cost hundreds. Couples can also avoid surprise or hidden fees that can throw off their budget.

2. Honeymoon Packages Can Offer Complimentary Activities

With a honeymoon package, couples can bond by exploring new activities given through the package.

Typically, packages can offer complimentary kayaking, cooking classes, spa treatments, and guided tours.

Fortunately for adventurous couples, this is an excellent opportunity to save money while doing new activities with your significant other.

3. Honeymoon Packages Still Give You Time to Explore

Since packages can help a couple stay within their budget, they can explore the local area. Couples can choose to spend more money on souvenirs and sightseeing thanks to not having to pay hidden fees.

Some packages even offer guided tours as a part of their bundle. Couples who are visiting a specific location for the first time can take advantage of this.

4. Honeymoon Packages Make for Excellent Wedding Gifts

Something else that is amazing about honeymoon packages is that they can make for excellent wedding gifts.

When opening a honeymoon registry, wedding guests can pitch in to help raise funds for the package. A guest or close family member can also opt-in to pay for the entire package.

Gifting a honeymoon package is not only a benefit for the newlyweds, but it is also an advantage for wedding guests who aren’t sure what to give the bride and groom.

5. Honeymoon Packages Might Not Be Interesting to the Homebody

Though honeymoon packages are a fantastic way to spend a honeymoon, there are some downsides that newlyweds should keep in mind. One downside is that couples who love being indoors might not have their interests peaked.

If one of the spouses is interested in relaxing and staying inside for most of the honeymoon, the complementary activities could waste the package and, therefore, a waste of money.

If the spouse can compromise or both parties enjoy being inside the hotel or resort all day, this might not be such a problem. There are many resorts in the world that have incredible rooms, amenities, and dining, so staying at the resort the entire time can be quite enjoyable.

6. Honeymoon Packages Can Be Boring to Some People

In contrast to the last point, if a couple is adventurous, the idea of staying at a hotel or resort and doing the same activities or dining in the exact location can become a bore.

The downside can be fixable as couples can choose to explore the local community, but a complete package is wasted if not ultimately used.

In this case, the newlyweds might have to strategically plan out their honeymoon and how they can squeeze in time to visit local sites.

7. Honeymoon Packages Can Discourage Visiting the Local Area

Sometimes, because honeymoon packages offer all kinds of accommodations, it can deter couples from visiting the local site. Imagine planning a honeymoon near Agra, India, and not seeing the Taj Mahal, for example.

Though it is vital for couples to use a package to their advantage, visiting a local area offers its advantages and fun things to do or see. Not visiting the local community is a missed opportunity.

8. Honeymoon Packages Can Turn Off Introverts

Though honeymoon packages can have a lot to offer for couples, introverted partners might not appreciate certain features.

Introverted spouses might desire to have a private dinner with their loved ones, but communal dining might be an aspect that can turn them off. Likewise, other activities such as a group tour might tire out the spouse and not in a good way.

9. Honeymoon Packages Can Be Pricey in Specific Continents

Honeymoon packages are typically cheaper in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, if a couple desires to honeymoon in countries located in Asia or Europe, the package could be a bit more expensive.

In some cases, the price of the packages in those countries may override the benefit of saving money.

Other Ways To Plan a Honeymoon

Besides planning a honeymoon by purchasing a honeymoon package, newlyweds can arrange a honeymoon by themselves, through a wedding planner, or simply planning a mini-moon.

Self-Arranging a Honeymoon

One way to plan a honeymoon is for a couple to arrange one themselves.

Here are some benefits to self-arranging a honeymoon:

  • Planning a honeymoon alone gives the couple total control. By self-arranging a honeymoon, couples control where they are going, what they will be doing, what their budget is, and where they will be eating.
  • There is no need to spend money on a package or a honeymoon planner. When arranging a honeymoon alone, newlyweds will not have to worry about paying for honeymoon planners or packages.

Here are some cons:

  • Planning a honeymoon alone can be expensive. Unfortunately, honeymoons are costly – not to mention there might be hidden or surprise fees. Couples will have to create a budget, stick to it, and raise enough funds to receive all their honeymoon needs.
  • Planning a honeymoon is stressful. Additionally, planning a honeymoon can be stressful as the couples have to research and consider many factors of successfully arranging a honeymoon. However, there are some tips and tricks that can make honeymoon planning much less of an ordeal.

For instance, we have videos and articles on ways to save money on flights, how to plan a trip professional tips, and more. We’re here to help you save time, stress less, and plan better vacations.

Hiring a Honeymoon Planner

Another option for planning a honeymoon is hiring a honeymoon planner.

Listed below are some pros to hiring a honeymoon planner:

  • Honeymoon planners are experts. Honeymoon planners have likely planned a multitude of honeymoons throughout their careers. They probably know what they are doing, so partners will not have to worry about the research.
  • Honeymoon planners tailor to their client’s interests. Honeymoon planners’ job is to satisfy the clients by planning a honeymoon according to their client’s interests and needs. Additionally, honeymoon planners can also select honeymoon packages if a couple still desires to use them.

Here are the cons:

  • Honeymoon planners are expensive. Unfortunately, hiring a honeymoon planner is not free and will have to be added to a newlyweds’ budget.
  • Not all honeymoon planners are created equal. Couples will need to take time to find a planner that can best fulfill their needs and desires.


Along with hiring honeymoon planners or going solo with the planning, newlyweds can choose to do a mini-moon instead.

Mini-moons are just honeymoons close to home and are typically not as expensive or as long as traditional honeymoons.

Here are the advantages of a mini-moon:

  • Mini-moons are inexpensive. Typically, staying close to home is not very expensive. Couples can go around town and stay at a hotel for a reasonably low price.
  • Mini-moons can still offer sightseeing. Even the little things matter. If there is an area of a town or city that a spouse hasn’t had the opportunity to explore yet, a mini-moon can help get that done.

Now here are some disadvantages of a mini-moon:

  • Mini-moons can feel too familiar. The chances are that if a couple decides to go on a mini-moon, they might see that they end up in a city or town that they’ve visited.
  • There might be pressure to keep in touch with family. Due to being close to family, a newlywed couple may feel pressured to stay in contact and have constant communication. The stress of speaking with family might hinder couples who want to relax and have time to themselves.


Honeymoon packages are worth it if a couple is looking to save money and try brand new activities despite their disadvantages.

If you are planning a honeymoon and are looking to have an amazing post-wedding experience, consider purchasing a honeymoon package.


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