Do You Need To Pack Warm Clothes in Hawaii?

Do You Need To Pack Warm Clothes in Hawaii?

Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit on vacation. According to a New York Times report, getting your eyes off the beautiful sights is almost impossible while driving through the city. Since you won’t just be seeing but visiting these places, you need the right outfits packed for your vacation. 

You do need to pack warm clothes in Hawaii because of the temperature difference and activities. You will be visiting different places in the city at different temperature levels, so warm clothes are of great use. However, remember to ensure your warm clothes are as casual as possible.

I will explain, in this article, the reasons for choosing warm clothes for your trip to Hawaii. After that, I’ll show you other clothing items and accessories you will need to enjoy your stay in Hawaii. 

Reasons for Packing Warm Clothes in Hawaii

It will be best to pack different outfit types when visiting a new place. 

But specifically for a place like Hawaii, warm outfits should probably be the most common of all outfits. That’s because it’s an island close to the United States of America. Hence, casual outfits will do you a lot of good. 

Let’s examine some reasons for needing warm clothes in Hawaii. 

Hawaii Has Favorable Weather Year-Round

The weather in Hawaii is favorable, which is why it makes a lot of money from tourism. In 2017, Hawaii was home to about 9.4 million visitors, spending a lot of money. 

The weather is tropical and favorable for tourist activities. According to expert reports, only two weather conditions exist in the Hawaii islands. It’s either you are in the summer or winter seasons. 

Summer is a period from May to October, while winter is from October to April. 

At any time of the year, the temperatures are usually warm during the day and cool at night. The range of temperatures is generally between 70°F and 85°F (21 – 29.4 °C).

Keep in mind, some factors make the weather in Hawaii change. These factors include:

  • Latitude. Latitude relates to the length of night and day in a specific location. Hawaii is a tropical location; hence, it has the same length of the day across the year. The longest days will last about 13.5 hours, while the shorter ones last for eleven hours. 
  • Rain. It may not be so common or heavy in Hawaii, but rain affects the weather. As expected, the rain levels are higher in areas where there are mountains.
  • Ocean. The Pacific Ocean covers a part of the Hawaii islands. The interaction between the sea and air around your location affects the overall temperature. 

In rare cases in the past, natural disasters like hurricanes and thunderstorms have plagued. However, it has hardly deterred any vacation experience. 

Casual Styles Are Common 

Hawaii is a state that gets most of its revenue through tourism. According to a report, almost all other sectors in the Hawaii economy depend on tourists to boom. 

That means, more often than not, there are lots of tourists whenever you go to Hawaii. Most of these tourists go for a vacation, and as such, they will mostly have casual clothes. 

Markedly, you may not want to come to Hawaii with many tuxedo suits or formal attire to wear while every other person is dressing casually.  

Warm Clothes Ensure Your Comfort

Your comfort is of utmost importance from the trip on the airplane till the end of the vacation.

You will be moving around a lot, as there are many places to go. Therefore, you should pick the most comfortable outfits. 

Warm outfits are great to have since they are comfortable. But remember to have thick clothes for the few times rain may come fall. 

You can watch this video from a resident of Hawaii to be sure of what you should pack: 

Types of Clothes You Should You Pack for Hawaii

There are no specific rules when it comes to packing for a vacation. The activities you want to partake in will influence what you pack. 

If you have a tourist guide beforehand, they may have given you a heads up on what to pack. 

Let’s briefly analyze some of the clothing types you should pack to Hawaii.

Warm and Comfortable Clothes

As explained earlier, these types of clothes are the ones you will wear the most in Hawaii. Most locations in this state have a casual feel, so you will never go wrong in warm clothes. 

Hawaii specifically has a floral shirt made for visitors. These shirts are one of the few items you will buy on your visit. 

Check out this video for tips on how to style a floral shirt:

Swimming and Surfing Gear

Hawaii is an island with lots of swimming and surfing activities. You will want to come dressed for such events. Although, it is easy to find and purchase a swimming suit in Hawaii, as they are readily available in most shops. So, you may not bother packing more than one. 

Hiking and Fitness Kits

Hawaii consists of mountains that affect the temperature of the surrounding environment. 

You may want to climb these mountains as a part of the general visits and exploring of Hawaii. The weather is usually cold at the top of the hills, so you need thick clothes for such processes. 

Other Accessories You Need to Pack for Your Trip to Hawaii

Hawaii is an exciting vacation location, but you need some items that are not clothes to make it easy. Some of these items include: 

  • Sunscreen protection. The sun can sometimes be too harsh, burning the skin. It is in your best interest to find a good sunscreen product. 
  • Small bag. You will need a small bag to carry around the Hawaii islands.
  • Waterproof camera. What is a vacation without pictures? Your camera needs to be waterproof because of its close ties to water. 


Packing warm clothes in Hawaii is vital because this is the general mode of dressing in the city. 

The type of outfits you will pack in Hawaii also depends on the time of the year you go. If you go during the rainy season, you may need a lot of thick sweaters. 

This video explains the best times to visit Hawaii and some of the cheapest locations: 

The best way to plan your Hawaii trip is to hire a good travel advisor during the planning process. 


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