Does Disney World Have Water Refill Stations?

Does Disney World Have Water Refill Stations?

Disney World is a magical place. And staying hydrated while you’re there is extremely important to make sure your stay is as fun as possible.

Disney World has water refill stations all around the park to keep you hydrated while having fun. They are situated in strategic positions that make it easy for anyone to drink water and refill their water bottles.

But how and where do you find these water refill stations at Disney? And what are even more reasons to stay hydrated? The rest of this article will answer these questions in greater detail.

Where to Find Water Refill Stations at Disney World

Water refill stations are in all four main Disney parks, which is Disney’s way of fighting for an eco-friendly world. Having accessible water stations significantly reduces waste from plastic bottles since you can just refill them for free rather than buying a whole new bottle.

Here are some of the water refill stations you can find at Disney World:

  • Tomorrowland
  • Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge
  • Fantasyland
  • Frontierland

Before Disney created these water refill stations, there were a lot of plastic bottles being thrown on the parks’ grounds. If you checked the garbage disposal areas, you’d have seen a ton of plastic bottles causing a lot of pollution. 

Luckily, it’s not that hard to find these water refill stations. Aside from these, there are also water fountains for all visitors. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the water refill stations at Disneyland.


Does Disney World Have Water Refill Stations?

Tomorrowland remains one of the most visited areas at Disneyland. It’s a vision of fun and the future, conceptualized by some of the greatest minds Disney has at their disposal. Thankfully, it has a couple of water stations to keep you hydrated while having fun!

You can find a water refill station near the entrance of Autopia. There’s also another one located near Galactic Grill. It’s not as modernized as the one at Autopia, to be sure, but it still works just fine! 

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Many fans of the Star Wars franchise regularly visit this side of the park. Since it opened in May 2019, it’s been popular with those who want to get on Star Wars-themed rides and engage in conversations about a galaxy far, far away with like-minded people. 

If you’re looking for a water refill station around these parts, you first need to look for the milk stand. Once you’ve found it, go around the corner to the left and walk a few steps forward. You should see the water refill station made of wood. 

There’s also one near the rides. To find this, all you have to do is check the exit of the Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction. You’d see one standing upright there in all its glory. Although it’s older than the one near the milk stand, it’s just as effective for keeping dehydration at bay. 

If you can’t access either of the above, the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has a third water refill stand. This one is located at the Refreshers (the Batuu’ way of saying restrooms). When you get to the restroom, just look two tanks to your left.


Everyone knows Fantasyland is where Disney’s most famous stories come to life. It’s easy to get lost in the attractions and forget to rehydrate. But remember: Hydration is key to properly enjoying yourself at this magical place. Lucky for you, a water refill station is available here, located at the Red Rose Tavern. 

Look around until you can see a stained-glass picture of Belle dancing with her prince. The water station here is a bit dated, but it still works amazingly well. 


Compared to the other parts of Disney, Frontierland seems to have a rather dated architecture. This is because it’s one of the oldest parts of Disney. Naturally, the water refill station at this place is also slightly dated. Thankfully, it’s easy to find and is conveniently located near the Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurant. 

Why Do You Need to Stay Hydrated at Disney World?

You’ve read about where the water refill stations are at Disney World. But why do you need to go through the trouble of looking for water? Do you need to rehydrate regularly?

Stay hydrated at Disney World to avoid dehydration and keep yourself feeling as good as possible. It can get quite hot in California depending on when you visit, and being active can make you even sweatier. So, it is easy to get dehydrated at Disney World if you do not drink enough water.

It’d be a shame to go through all the trouble of booking Disney World for the day just to have it ruined by a bout of nausea or dehydration. So, keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important. 

Here are a couple of benefits of staying hydrated at Disney World.

Reduce the Nausea from Going on Rides

There’s undoubtedly a lot of nausea associated with going on rides. If you’ve ever gone on a Disney ride, you might have seen a few people vomit after getting off some of the particularly intense ones. While it might seem counterintuitive to put anything into your body while going on a ride, drinking water is a pretty good way to reduce nausea. 

Studies show that when you drink cold water, it helps to reduce the symptoms of nausea, especially the ones caused by motion sickness. 

Regulate Your Body Temperature

People’s body temperatures vary widely after going on rides. Some people get extremely cold, while others get very hot. When the body gets too hot, water can leave the body more easily through sweat, causing you to get dehydrated a lot faster.

On the other hand, the body’s muscles tense up and its movements become rigid when it gets too cold. To prevent this from happening, keep yourself hydrated.

Room temperature water helps regulate body temperature, keeping it from going too high or low. It even helps you withstand some of the effects associated with heat strain.


Disney World has water refill stations everywhere. They’re strategically placed around the entire park, and these refill stations serve extremely clean water. Take full advantage of them and stay hydrated so you properly enjoy your rides and maximize your time at Disney World.


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