Should Babies Wear Earmuffs on Planes?

Flying in an airplane can be an unnerving experience all on its own. If you're traveling with a newborn, you might be apprehensive about how to keep your baby safe and protected during a flight. This might leave you with the burning question, should babies wear earmuffs on planes?

Babies should wear earmuffs on planes. The pressure difference can cause a baby's ears to pop during air travel, causing a painful feeling. The best way to keep your young child's ears comfortable on a plane is to provide them with ear protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs.

The following sections will answer in further detail the question of if babies should wear earmuffs on planes. More information about changes in air pressure during flights, what kind of ear protection to use to protect your child best, and potential air travel risks for infant children, will also be discussed.

Why Babies Need Ear Protection During Air Travel

During a flight, the plane and cabin will have fluctuating air pressure.

This happens especially during the initial take-off and descent of the aircraft. Not only does the pressure vary as time goes on, but flying in a plane is also notoriously a noisy form of transportation, meaning your baby may be exposed to loud noises for an extended time.

There’s no direct evidence that states that a young child flying in a plane will cause immediate damage or harm to their ears or any of the functioning parts of their hearing structure. However, the loud noises and alterations in air pressure can cause some discomfort, which can be very painful if not properly attended to.

Not every baby will experience ear pain during a flight.

Some infants or children may have more sensitive ears compared to others. If you’re concerned about bringing your baby on an airplane, be sure to talk to your doctor or primary caregiver to make sure it’s okay that they travel in the air with you.

While most of the time, it’s perfectly safe, some factors might make it more dangerous for your baby to fly.

What Kind of Ear Protection an Infant Should Use on a Flight