Why Do Some Hotels Require You To Be at Least 21?

After making plans for a big trip, booking a hotel reservation, then traveling hours to get to your destination, it can be frustrating when you arrive at the hotel counter, and they tell you that you’re too young to check-in. How old do you need to be to stay on your own at a hotel?

Some hotels require you to be at least 21 so that they can avoid high insurance rates. They also want to avoid issues like underage drinking and damage to hotel property. Perhaps they want to attract a more mature clientele, so they don’t want younger patrons.

This article will cover some reasons why some hotels require you to be at least 21 and will give you other options to explore if you don’t meet the age requirement.

Reasons Why Hotels Require You To Be at Least 21

Some hotels have a minimum age requirement of 21, while others require you to be at least 18.

You can usually find the minimum age requirement on the hotel’s website, but if you’re still unsure, call the specific hotel as requirements vary from state to state. In some places, the minimum age requirement is as high as 25.

Let’s talk more in detail about these reasons.

Hotels Want To Avoid More Expensive Insurance Rates

Raising the minimum age requirement helps the hotel avoid higher insurance rates. The age requirement helps avoid attracting irresponsible or immature guests, which could lead to accidents and damage to hotel property and more expensive insurance rates.

If you’re traveling alone as a minor and something happens to you during your stay, the hotel could be held responsible.

It’s easier for them to avoid the problem altogether by requiring you to be at least 18.

Hotels Want To Avoid Liability for Serving Alcohol to Minors

Some hotels have a minibar in the hotel room or a bar on the premises. The minimum age requirement of 21 protects the hotel from being liable for any issues related to underage drinking.