Travel Websites:

    Google Flights - Our tried and true favorite for booking flights.  Offers the best pricing 99% of the time.  For tutorials on Google Flights and how to get the best pricing, visit:

    How to use Google Flights Basic Steps -

    How to use Google Flights Advanced Functions -  

    How to use Google Flights Getting the best prices -

    Airbnb Experiences - If you've seen any of our videos on finding things to do or planning your vacations, you know this is one of our top go-to's for finding unique tours and excursions worldwide.  Offered by locals, these experiences give you a unique taste of the culture and destination that mainstream tours typically can't match.  We always recommend adding one of these at the beginning of your trip as you always come away with a ton of recommendations and ideas for even more to do on your trip.

    EatWith - similar to Airbnb Experiences but specifically with food and dining.  Have dinner with locals and learn more about their culture through the exploration of the cuisine.  

    Viator Excursions - this is one of our favorite websites to use when searching for tours, excursions, and things to do around the world.  Can also be used for Cruise excursions as well, as they often have far more available than the Cruise Ship does.

    Priority Pass - Offering memberships to first class lounges worldwide.  If you don't already have access through your airline points membership or a credit card, this membership will help make travel day far more comfortable.

    Travel Insurance:

    World Nomads - Our go-to travel insurance for our clients and for our personal travel.  We've found them to have great rates, solid coverage, and great customer service.

    Travel Masters - Best if you'd like to shop around before buying.  Allows you to get quotes from several travel insurance companies all on one screen.  Also has filters that let you narrow your search by what you need most (cancel anytime coverage, covid protections, and more).

    If you are unsure whether or not you need insurance, we've created THIS ARTICLE to help you decide and walk you through how to choose the right coverage for you.


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