How to Plan A Trip [Professional Travel Planning Guide]
1K views · Jul 28, 2022
Learn how professional travel advisors plan amazing vacations for their clients.  Step-by-step guidance on how to plan a trip like a pro including resources and links to help you every step of the way. 

With COVID playing havoc with travel this year, it's never been more important to be super organized and careful with planning.  This is how pros plan around COVID restrictions to make travel less stressful this year.

Mentioned in the video:
How to find cheaper flights -
Google Explore Tool -
Priority Pass (Airport Lounges) -
Luggage Shipping -
Travel Insurance Article -
Planning books and resources -

0:00 Why You Need to Know How to Plan A Trip Like a Pro
0:42 Two Options for Travel Planning This Year
1:34 Travel Planning Resources 
1:50 Pre-Planning Steps That Make a HUGE Difference
3:34 How to Get Destination Inspiration
5:30 Find COVID Travel Requirements
6:14 How to Research Your Destination 
7:20 WAIT!  
7:35 Travel Itinerary Template
10:09 How to Get More Travel Tips and Advice From a Local
11:08 Finalize Your Itinerary Tips and Tricks
13:10 How to Make Your Vacation Even Better (The Biggest Travel Trick)
16:02 Leave Copies at Home
16:28 The MOST IMPORTANT Step!
18:15 Taking Care of COVID Requirements - Don't Get Turned Away
21:18 Bring Backup
21:52 Final Tips and Resources

World Nomads Travel Insurance -
Viator (Activities, Tickets, Attractions) -
Priority Pass (Access to Airport Lounges) -
TripAdvisor -
Google Flights -
Our Top Travel Resources -

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